Terms & Conditions.

Terms & Conditions

1. That on being satisfied about the remote online support services provided by the InextSupport , I have decided to subscribe with the said company with a view to avail such remote online support services for my PC.

2. That I have thoroughly scrutinized the general terms and conditions of the contract , privacy policy, refund policy and other terms of service as provided in the InextSupport website, between myself and the company and have understood the contents and purport thereof.

3. That I have provided the details about myself i.e. address, phone no, email etc which are true to my knowledge and I have neither suppressed anything nor I have made any misrepresentation
4. That in the event of any future change or changes regarding any particular furnished above about myself, I undertake to inform/ notify the same to the company at the earliest.

5. That I confirm that the payments are being made to the company from my own credit card /Credit card of my relative with his approval/ internet bank account.

6. That upon satisfied and convinced about the services offered, I have agreed to pay the prices for the services offered and / or payments to be made through my credit card/net banking.

7. That in order to provide the aforesaid remote online support to my PC, I do hereby authorize the engineers of the company the required access to my computer remotely. However, I may supervise such access given to the engineers of the company and the access in question will be controlled by me only and I shall have every right to stop the process, whenever I fell like.

8. That I will be offered services electronically immediately after I sign up this contract paper and continue to get the services for the periods mentioned (in case of duration based Plan orders), electronically.

9. That I agree and understand that there is no physical delivery of products involved and as the services will be provided immediately after I sign up, there can not be any charge back on account of non delivery. However I shall have the right for refunds as per refund policy of the company, in case of unsatisfactory services only.

10. That I am making this declaration being mentally alert and physically fit and without any coercion, undue influence or misrepresentation from any corner.

11. I understand and I agree that by pressing the read and agreed button, herein below, I will be bound by the all the terms and conditions, privacy policy and refund policies an d other terms as mentioned in the website of the company InextSupport.

Dear Customer :

Thank you for choosing payment by electronic check. Charge-One (Check2Pay), our payment processor and a registered US company, will process your payment. For your security, no check will be issued and processed unless the transaction and the check payment had been validated. Please expect a call from Charge-One to validate and confirm your transaction and authority for the issuance of your check as payment.

To expedite the resolution of any complaint or requests for refund, please contact Charge-One (Check2Pay) directly through any of its following contact information:

Charge-One (Check2Pay) :

Telephone No. : 312-765-7495 Ext. No. 506

Email Address : transactions@check2pay.com

Postal Address: 3275 S. Jones Blvd., Suite 103, Las Vegas, NY 89146